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Harrington Interactive Media Publications

In addition to eBook production, Harrington Interactive Media (HIM) publishes and packages print books.

Why should I have a print book?

Still, to this day, 80 percent of books being purchased are print. The other side of that—contrary to predictions—only 20 percent of books being purchased are digital.

That means print is still important for the book market out there.

What’s the purpose of print for my industry?

Businesses can rise above the noise in a digital age by delivering high-quality, well-designed print books for their clients. With Print On Demand (POD) capabilities, this is easier than ever.

Quality is the only challenge. We take your message and package it for an excellent product—one that will add value and increase your audience.

Book Packaging

Book packing is the box and the bow around your content. You’ve got a message, you’ve got a product, you’ve got a service to communicate, but how?

HIM Publications offers you:

  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Custom formatting
  • Editing services
  • Book marketing services
  • Copyediting

Book Publishing

Print On Demand (POD) is a great, low-cost way to get your material into the hands of your people.

In addition to packaging, we’re in the publishing business as well. More to come here, so stay tuned.

Need to produce a print book?

Let’s talk here to get your book into print.

More Book Services

Printing and Distribution

  • Copyediting
  • Type setting and copyediting final manuscript
  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Setting up automatic distribution online

Content Marketing

  • Blogging: Repurposing book content as a ghostwriter for Author
  • Email: Email marketing book launch consulting and strategizing
  • Social: Social media consulting for book launch

Strategic Plan and Action

  • Influencers list (50)
  • Strategizing for personal letters or calls (50)
  • Strategic partnerships and affiliate link building

Sales Advertising

  • Amazon tracking
  • Facebook retargeting ads

Book-focused Podcasting services

  • Book to podcast
  • Recording interviews
  • Producing podcast episodes
  • Hosting and syndicating services
  • Marketing podcasts for book sales